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Event Setup

  • Your Event Page
  • Unlimited Users and Roles
  • Hidden Events
  • Ticket Purchase Code
  • Pre-Launch
  • Extra Fields for Extra Information
  • Event Notifications


  • Comprehensive Reporting Data
  • TAX Reporting
  • Event Day Information
  • Summary Of Data
  • Seller Tracking
  • Email WebHooks
  • Transport Reporting

Ticket Sales Management

  • Free unlimited Ticket Types
  • Hiding & disabling ticket types
  • Priority Pass
  • Flexible Ticketing Options
  • Resource Tracking
  • Order Management
  • Complimentary Tickets
  • Guest List Management
  • Ticket Offices and Resellers
  • Your Analytics Integration
  • Pixel Codes for Google Ads
  • Your Affiliate Partners
  • Sales Tracking
  • Individual Link Tracking
  • API for full integration
  • Pause or End Ticket Sales

Event Dates

  • Single or Multi-Day Events
  • Time Slots
  • Open Daily
  • Non-Date Specific Events

Coupon Codes & Event Offers

  • Coupon for Multiple Uses
  • Coupon for Single Uses
  • Discount on Entire Order
  • Discount on Ticket Types
  • Multiple Show Discounts
  • Membership Discounts
  • Offers on specific tickets and events

Seating Plans

  • Free Custom Seating Plans
  • 100+ pre-made Plans
  • Flexible Seats & Section Management
  • Combining Seating with Standing
  • Seat Locations
  • Different Prices for Different Dates
  • Disable Seats

Ticket Scanning

  • Scan Tickets using any Phone with a Camera
  • ShowsManager App
  • Group Scanning
  • Purchase a dedicated phone with laser scanner

All of the events created on Showsmanager are live on Showshappening

We are aiming to make ticket selling as easy as possible, our 11 years expirience helps us to do that. See how it works on Showshappening


Ticketing process taking center stage instead of your event?


Ticketing Complexities?

Lack of efficient features such as self-management of accounts leading to increased workload


Waiting on Payments

Platforms withholding payments until the end of the event causing uncertainty and financial insecurity


Limited Options?

Traditional ticketing systems lacking advanced event set up options resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes

Roll out the red carpet


Self-Service Flexibility

Customize your events without a learning curve with our intuitive and user-friendly platform


Top-notch Support

Quickly address any questions or issues at every step of the way with our WhatsApp assistance


Promote like a Pro

Boost event promotions and attract buyers by taking complete control over ticketing and sales


Direct Payments

Receive direct payments via Stripe with no additional or hidden fees to utilize our robust ticketing software


Assistance All-Stars

Become adept in handling various ticketing scenarios with our extensive experience and expertise


Get the show started with ShowsHappening — Your reliable ticketing partner



We are for you!

ShowsHappening is a sophisticated ticketing platform that has been starring in the event industry since 2013. Our platform has been meticulously crafted from the ground up, catering to our customer's needs with unparalleled attention to detail.

Our mission is to make ticketing for events effortless, seamless, and transparent so that our clients can focus on creating unforgettable shows and executing them flawlessly. With our robust features, we have covered most aspects of ticketing, from simple bookings to complex events, and we continue to push the boundaries of innovation.

At ShowsHappening, we understand the importance of delivering exceptional experiences to event-goers as well as the organizers. That's why we have integrated easy booking processes that are faster, smoother, and more secure. With our user-friendly interface and customizable options, our clients can easily tailor the ticketing process to their specific needs and preferences.

What sets us apart?

At ShowsHappening, we pride ourselves on our exceptional expertise and cutting-edge technology that sets us apart from other ticketing platforms. Our unrivaled experience in all types of ticketing scenarios and our commitment to continuous evolution and innovation make us the seating plan and ticketing experts that you can rely on. 

Additionally, we offer a seamless and hassle-free experience for both organizers and attendees with our simple-to-use booking software and our dedicated support team of admission genies who always have your back. With ShowsHappening, you can rest assured that your event is in the hands of the best in the business.


Ticket selling a breeze

Our intuitive ticket booking software and flexible seating plans takes the stress out of event planning, ensuring no venue is too complicated

Who do we work with?

Event organizers

Tap into the revenue-propelling force of events with Shows
Manager’s effortless and innovative event management solution


Tap into the effortless ease of organizing your school events with ShowsManager —  even if you’re on a limited budget

Venue managers

Maximize venue bookings and simplify venue management with Shows
Manager’s game changing all-in-one event management solution

Tours & Experiences

Effortlessly fill up your tours and experiences with Shows
Manager’s game changing all-in-one event management solution

Spotlight moments

Dim the lights and raise the curtains

We present our spectacular success stories — a collection of events that have taken center stage and left the audience in awe!


Isle of MTV

A yearly fixture, and a free event. ShowsHappening is the official ticket partner to securely and fairly distribute tickets for this epic event.


Ed Sheeran

Happening in summer 2024, ShowsHappening was entrusted to sell the tickets and we are very much looking forward to the event.


Robbie Williams

What a classic! We were lucky enough to be the official ticket partner for Robbie Williams in Malta in 2023.


What is Showshappening?

Showshappening is an online platform that connects event organizers with ticket buyers. We provide a range of services, including ticket sales, event promotion, and audience management, making it easy for organizers to set up and manage their events.

How can I sell tickets through Showshappening?

We understand the importance of convenience and accessibility when it comes to organizing events. Thus, you can create an account on our website and list your event for free. Once your event is approved, you can set up ticket sales, track ticket sales data, and manage your attendees.

How can i receive money from my tickets?

Our preferred method is that you use Stripe to receive your money directly, please contact us to request a link. alternatively we can collect the money on you behalf and pay you 1 week after the event takes place.

How can I contact Showshappening for support?

You can reach us on here. We’ll be happy to also share a Whats App number with you or jump on a video call. Whether you need help setting up your event or have questions about ticket sales, we are here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a successful event.

How do I promote my event on Showshappening?

Once you have created an account and listed your event on our website, you can use our event promotion tools to increase visibility and attract more attendees. These tools may include social media marketing, email marketing, and targeted advertising.

What kind of events can be listed on Showshappening?

We welcome many events on our platform, including concerts, theater productions, sports events, and festivals. Our platform is designed to accommodate a diverse range of events, ensuring that each one receives the highest level of support and attention from our team.


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